About Jack Smalley

Jack studied composition at the Conservatoire de Musique in Paris France with Edmond Marc and Darius Milhaud. Studied Serial Composition with George Tremblay in Los Angeles. He was a Professor of Film Composition at University of Southern California for over ten years and member of the faculty at the Aspen Summer Music Festival. Jack also headed the Composition Program at the Henry Mancini Institute and has lectured on film music at the University of Cincinnati.
Charlie's Angels
Murder She Wrote
The Love Boat
Law and Harry McGraw
Streets of San Francisco
Twilight Zone

Captain Planet
Tom and Jerry Kids
Where in the World is Carmen Santiago
The Wizard of Oz
The Assassination of Richard Nixon
The Mothman Prophecies
Last of the Mohicans
Curley Sue
The Gladiator
The Peacemaker
Red Dawn
Conan the Barbarian
Steel Magnolias
The Pickup Artist
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Oh God

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In addition to composing for film, Jack’s songs have been recorded by the Page Cavanaugh Trio, Pinky Winters, and he has written many successful commercial jingles. He has also written special material for many artists such as Robert Goulet and Jaye P.Morgan.

He was also featured speaker for many years at Songwriters Expo in Los Angeles and at the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase, as well as Seminars for Arizona Songwriters Association, and Connecticut Songwriters Association.

The most amazing thing about Jack is his long and beloved history as a teacher and mentor for students and composers around the world. There is even a Facebook page created by his former students entitled “We Love Jack Smalley” containing years of messages, communications, fondness and thanks for his lifetime of sharing the art and craft of music composition.

Club St Germain des Pres with Boris Vian
Boeuf Sur le Toit with Django Reinhardt
Concerts with James Moody and Rex Stuart
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Alvino Rey, Ray Coniff, Vido Musso, Gerry Mulligan, Page Cavanaugh Trio

“Jack Smalley’s insight into the depth of film is immeasurable. And now he fearlessly shares it in astonishing detail in ‘Composing Music for Film’. For anyone writing music for pictures or interested in the musical methods and psychology of film music, read his book.”


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Jack conducting at the legendary Warner Brothers scoring stage.