Jack has written a number of fabulous books on composition, orchestration, lyrics and his time in Europe. Click below to learn more and get your copies now in paperback or PDF / e-reader.

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50 Great Themes [ NEW ]

… and why they worked is a in-depth book exploring the most famous film and TV themes in history, including: Adams Family, Batman, Baywatch and more …

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Composing Music for Film

Jack has combined his over forty years of experience arranging, composing and orchestrating for film and teaching into one crystal clear book. More …

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Lyrics, Lyrics, Lyrics

With his easy to read and his up to date methods, Jack becomes the voice over your shoulder, guiding you through writing strong, saleable lyrics. More …

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The Music Came First

Full of adventures and unforgettable characters, this colorful memoir of post-war Europe leaves readers tapping their feet and waiting for the next verse. More …