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Lyrics, Lyrics, Lyrics

and How to Write Them!

Jack Smalley taught the craft and principles of writing song lyrics for over 17 years at the Grove School of Music.

With his easy to read and his up to date methods, Jack becomes the voice over your shoulder, guiding you through the principles of writing strong, saleable lyrics.

Sections include:

Part 1: Principles of Lyric Shape
Setting patterns and forms for verse/chorus stanzas; setting the cadence of the lyric

Part 2: Principles of Lyric Development
Working procedures in developing prime subject or message, establishing the setting and the universality of emotional story points.

Part 3: Lyric Style
The Aspects of the Dramatic and Narrative Style; the lyric as a Valentine, Lyric symbols and the “Sound of Sound”.

Part 4: The Lyric as a Script
The synopsis, and casting the lyric.

Part 5: Production Styles
Ballad, moderate or bright tempos; Musical styles from Broadway to Rock and Roll; Verbiage.